PCGS Slab **GEM UNC** MS68 - Graded By Australian Slab Slabbers!

PCGS Slab graded by the Coalition Of Licensed Australian Slab Slabbers as SS68. This is one of the highest grades ever awarded a slab of this type and should command a substantial premium above book price for gem.


The Coalition of Licensed Australian Slab Slabbers (CLASS) is an independent and experienced grading company that authenticates and grades slabs. The company has been grading slabs for over six months and has built a reputation on conservative and independent grading. As a member of the Professional International Slab Slabbers Association, their grading certificates are respected all over the world.


Your slab is the greatest numismatic investment you can make for your investment fund* and as such should be accurately graded and protected from damage which will lower its resale value.


CLASSY clabs are graded to the standards of Professional International Slab Slabbers Association, which are set out below.

SS70 (Slab State 70 or FDM (fleur de mold)). The slab is prefectly formed, no marks or scuffs can be seen on the case under 30x magnification.

SS65 (Slab State 65 or Gem Unc). The slab is well formed, only a few minor marks can be seen under magnification.

SS60 (Slab State 60 or Uncirculated). The slab can be poorly formed, quite a few marks and scuffing can be seen with the naked eye, but there are no significant abrasions (wear).

AU50 (About Uncirculated). The slab shows just a touch of wear, but the most important part of the slab (the label with the grade on it) is clearly visible.

EF40 (Extremely Fine). The slab shows more wear, but the most important part of the slab (the label with the grade on it) are fairly clearly visible.

VF20 (Very Fine). Many scratches and moderate scuffing on the case, but no actual cracks. A collection of slabs in this grade can be quite attractive.

F12 (Fine). Many scratches and quite heavy scuffing on the case but no more than one moderate crack will be present.

VG8 (Very Good). Very heavy scuffing on the case with many chips and cracks. The label inside intact and the coin present.

G4 (Good). The slab shows extensive damage, with the coin missing. The label will be mangled but must be present.

P1 (Poor). The slab is barely recognisable as a slab, just a few shards of plastic remain with both the label and the coin missing.

* Apart from reading the literature, experience gained collecting and learning how to grade.

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