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Welcome to Moon Aquarium. With over 100 points of combined IQ we have been assisting our clients to alter their wealth through investment in Australian Cons and Banknotes since 1985. We are one of the founding members and hold the presidency of the Stamps Letters And Numismatics Dealers Association and are official agents for The Royal Australian and Perth Mints.

Our Guarantee

At Moon Aquarium we guarantee our grading with up to 100% money back if you are not satisfied (conditions apply).

Our Guarantee

For more information about this and any other item and anything you want to know please contact us as we will give an opinion about anything.

Stupifyingly Scarce
1925 Sydney Mint
King George V
Gold Sovereign
  • Collecting Gold Sovereigns Is Both Valuable And Entertaining. These Gold Coins Have Their Own Aesthetic Value & History, And I Have Them In Stock So You Must Add Them To Your Collection.
  • This Attractive Example Sovereign Represents Great Value At This Starting Price Of 99 Cents And A Fabulous Opportunity To Secure An Unbelievably Scarce Gold Coin With A Mintage Of Only 5.6 Million. I Have It In Stock So Of Course It Is Unbelievably Scarce.
  • Anything I Don't Stock I Put Up There With 'Phonecards' As An Investment And Feel Sorry For The Gullible Buyers When They Try To Realise On It In The Future. Please Use Logic When Handing Out Your Hard Earned Dollars On Something You Want To Appreciate In Value Over The Years.
  • This Is A Real Life Sovereign Investment Portfolio.
    Sovereign When Purchased Purchase Price Current Valuation
    1866 Sydney Mint EF1999$950$600
    1870 Sydney Mint Nice Unc1999$3500$1000
    1879M Young Head Nice Unc2001$1450$600
    1884S Shield EF2000$500$450
    1893M Jubilee Unc2001$750$500
    1892S Jubilee Unc2001$600$500
    1894S Veil Unc2001$150$600
    1899P EF (Ebay)2001$250$500
    1907S Nice Unc2001$275$500
    1914M Choice Unc1998$140$450
    1927P Unc 2004$720$600
    1930M Unc 2000$525$500
    Total  $9810$6800
    You Know It Makes Sense To Spend Your Hard Earned On Gold Sovereigns.

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    Upon completion of the auction we require PAYMENT for the item be made WITHIN 7 DAYS. Other payment terms can be arranged but please contact us to make these arrangements as soon as possible.
    At Moon Aquarium SA, we accept the following forms of payment (in descending order of preference):
    Personal or bank cheques in A$;
    Direct deposit / bank draft / telegraphic transfer;
    Major credit cards (American Express; VISA; Mastercard; Bankcard);
    Australia Post Money Order;
    Bugbladder Beast Fossils;
    While Ebay's DSR scheme seems to imply that goods should be shipped immediately the auction ends or even before, it is our policy not to ship any orders until we have confirmation that payment has been made.


    In order for us to keep track of deliveries and continue to maintain our level of service we would appreciate your feedback once you have received your item of purchase, allowing us in turn to reciprocate a response (this is just our way of doing things so don't read anything else into this). If on receiving your item and you are not satisfied, then you should understand that we know better than you if it is a good coin. All of the items we sell are delivered via registered mail, if insurance is required it can be arranged at an extra charge. We follow strict security procedures when packing, preparing and sending all our parcels, no matter how valuable they might be. We're committed to sending all orders within 48 hours of payment having been confirmed into our account.

    Refunds & Returns

    We follow the grading guidelines of the Stamps Letters And Numismatics Dealers Association and guarantee our grading with up to 100% money back if you are not satisfied (we cannot be held responsible for damage to items while they are in transit).

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    The best email address to contact us at is: moonaquarium@bigfishinasmallpond.com. We should be committed. to answering all correspondence within 24 days (if not this week!) Our office hours are 11:45am-2:15pm, Monday to Friday and 2pm-3pm Saturday, Australian Central Standard time (UTC/GMT+9:30 hrs).

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